Mario is a Sociopath

This is the latest installment of Pete Holmes’ Realistic Mario, which pretends Super Mario Bros. is realistic. In this video, we learn about Mario and turtles and that he’s a sociopath. Catch another installment here. (these guys)

Realistic Super Mario Bros.

Well, it’s a good thing video games have nothing to do with real life. They probably wouldn’t be any fun. You remember how Mario and Luigi broke bricks with their heads in Super Mario Bros. Wouldn’t work so well in real life. This video is called Realistic Mario: Brick Block. It’s from Pete Holmes of,… Continue reading Realistic Super Mario Bros.

Bowser’s Marriage Is In Shambles [Video]

Bowser has made some questionable decisions, particularly when dealing with a certain plumber. It looks like those questionable decisions have transferred to his personal life as well. Mrs. Bowser is fed up and it looks like she isn’t going to take anymore of his shenanigans. She’s leaving. It’s a sad end to a once-passionate affair.… Continue reading Bowser’s Marriage Is In Shambles [Video]

Mustaches Make A Difference [Photos]

Or moustaches in this case. Yes, we know Movember is over, but that doesn’t mean mustaches are any less awesome. In fact, sometimes they’re transformative. They’ve turned these individuals from weirdos into great people. Just have a look for yourself. They’re from Moustaches Make A Difference, a Movember group formed to benefit the Singapore Prostate… Continue reading Mustaches Make A Difference [Photos]