Spiderman is in Trouble

Spiderman got some ‘splainin’ to do! This was taken at the Echo Park Lotus Festival over the weekend. The festival celebrates the Lotus flowers that bloom on the lake in Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood. Naturally, some dude showed up dressed as Spiderman because… well, we’re not really sure why. He was not welcome. Apparently,… Continue reading Spiderman is in Trouble

Awesome Movie Cameos By Stan Lee Through The Years [Video]

As some of us here are fanboys, part of the charm to watch a Marvel superhero movie were the superb cameos of Stan Lee (besides the recent spate of after-credit footages). Someone finally compiled all those moments into one fun video. Belated happy birthday to Stan THE MAN Lee. – Via The Presurfer.

Spiderman Doll You Can Pull In Half [Photo]

Illanes Jean-Philippe is a 34 year old graduate of the Beaux-Art in Paris. He worked as a muralist, a visual artist, and a video-maker. Fascinated with pop culture, he works with a playful dimension of art to free the shape from the content. The Spiderman doll can be pulled apart to reveal his entrails and… Continue reading Spiderman Doll You Can Pull In Half [Photo]

Childhood Icons Down And Out [Photos]

Whatever happened to your childhood icons? It looks like most of them have fallen on hard times. Here’s a look at what Mickey, Pooh, Spidey and some of your other childhood favorites are doing today. These come to us from French artist Benjamin Bechet. You can see more of his work by visiting his website.