1 Million favicons of the webs top sites…

nmap.org has trawled the top 1 million sites on the web to collect all their favicons and put them in this great poster. Each favicon is presented at a size relative to its rank (using Alexa). There we are, right down in the bottom left of the poster!!! Its our previous favicon before the rebrand… Continue reading 1 Million favicons of the webs top sites…


This place has been a little quiet of late. Apologies for that. Real life caught up with me and i just havent been able to do the same amount of casual browsing that i used to. A 2 year old daughter and a new business does that! But…thats all about to change! Not only will… Continue reading About:Update!

Loading…Please Wait

Sorry about the lack of updates recently folks. A thing called “work” has got in the way and ive been buried under a mountain of 3D renders, amends and deadlines. In the meantime, keeping in the spirit of blogging, here is a (slightly blurred) picture of my cat Mary with her tongue out… I will… Continue reading Loading…Please Wait

We’re Back!

Im sure you’ve all noticed a distinct lack of updates over the past couple of weeks. Well, there are several personal reasons for this. None of which are very interesting at all. The main reason was the development of quite a large freelance project that i am involved in which has finally now been completed.… Continue reading We’re Back!