For when you just cant get that annoying song out of your head…

A new service available at helps those that listen to the radio on the way into work in the morning and just before we get out of the car, the DJ goes and plays something like Miley Cyrus, of worse, Justin Beiber. That song is then stuck in your head for the rest of… Continue reading For when you just cant get that annoying song out of your head…

The VCR Coffee Table

We’ve all got a collection of old VCR tapes hidden away somewhere (that sounded a little dodgy, it wasnt supposed to), well Luisa Montealegre used 92 of them to build this extraordinary coffee table! Genius! Read more about project Blanquita here via

The Testicle Festival is here!

The Testicle Cooking World Championship in Ozrem takes place for the seventh time this year and is open to cooks from all over the world. Dishes, said to have aphrodisiac qualities, are made from the testicles of animals including bull, wild boar, horse, shark, ostrich, kangaroo, donkey, turkey, goat, reindeer and elk. The testicle cooking… Continue reading The Testicle Festival is here!

Ants in the Scanner. The Movie.

What happens when you put an ant colony in your scanner and let it fester for 5 years…François Vautier did this, he then scanned the nest each week. Here’s the 5 years time-lapse video. via