9-11 Twin Tower Lighter [Photo]

This fine piece of insensitivity was found in a party in Brooklyn. The lighter was supposedly built in Berlin, Germany. It features the Twin Towers that were destroyed during 9-11 attacks. The right tower emits flame. To most Americans, this was made in bad taste. But outside the States, it’s just one reminder how zealots… Continue reading 9-11 Twin Tower Lighter [Photo]

Get Spooked While Dropping the Deuce [Photo]

Here’s something that will keep you at the edge of your seat while you void your bowels. The ever so inventive Japanese devised a way to make toilet paper not only the best way to wipe your arse, but a riveting medium for horror. Who ever said reading in the toilet isn’t fun? Hayashi Paper… Continue reading Get Spooked While Dropping the Deuce [Photo]