These Elephants Dig Bach

Here’s violinist Eleanor Bartsch warming up for a performance of Bach Concerto for Two Violins with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. The Circus World Museum is exactly what it sounds like. A giant circus museum, but with live performances and so forth. Until today, we did not know… Continue reading These Elephants Dig Bach

Lionel Richie’s Chocolate Head Should Effectively Frighten You

Yup. That’s Lionel Richie’s head in chocolate form. Are you frightened? I sure as hell am. Even better, you can buy this thing. It costs $839.89 in whatever sort of money they use in the UK. I love the bullet-pointed description of this concoction. Check it out. Feast upon the gorgeous moustached face of a soul… Continue reading Lionel Richie’s Chocolate Head Should Effectively Frighten You

Prince at 17, Sporting a Huge Afro

These photos of a 17-year-old Prince were taken by photographer Robert Whitman. They’re part of an exhibit at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Hollywood that opens next week. The photos were taken in 1977 for a press kit designed by music producers Owen Husney and Gary Levenson to pitch Prince to record companies. Only 15 of the press… Continue reading Prince at 17, Sporting a Huge Afro

LEGO Album Covers

I know next to nothing about where these come from, but they are some pretty iconic album covers designed out of LEGOs. If you like these, you can see more here.

Jay-Z Ranks His Own Albums

What does Jay-Z think of his own work? Now you know. This is HOV’s ranking of his own albums. Personally, I like The Black Album, but everyone else seems to agree Reasonable Doubt is a classic. Shot by Elliot Wilson.