Skating Deserted Los Angeles

Filmmaker Russell Houghten made this video called Urban Isolation. It features his friends skating the streets and freeways of a deserted Los Angeles. Is Los Angeles deserted? No it isn’t. It took me an hour to get from Hollywood to Van Nuys last night. Damn Hollywood Bowl traffic! There was actually traffic on the streets… Continue reading Skating Deserted Los Angeles

Wave Crashes Through Window of Santa Barbara Restaurant

Yes, you read that right. A wave. A wave from the ocean to be exact. It crashed right through the window of a restaurant in Santa Barbara. I don’t know if this is news anywhere else, but I live in Los Angeles. It’s been raining in Southern California for the past three days. A lot.… Continue reading Wave Crashes Through Window of Santa Barbara Restaurant

Tall Bike Rides The Street Of Los Angeles [Video]

A bike so tall it measures 14.5 feet from the ground. They were able to shoot the demo with permission from the Los Angelese Police Department and Traffic Enforcement officers. Would you able to ply a bike this tall downtown without a visit to the ER? We’re not so confident here. – Via Presurfer.

Mixologist Rap [Video]

A bunch of rapper parody the increasingly hifaluting cocktail culture in downtown Los Angeles and the bartenders who make fancy cocktails. It heaps absurd (and oftentimes disgusting combinations) cocktail preparations, including adding raw chicken feet as a garnish. George Woolley (aka “Barney Kook”) produced, directed and co-starred in the video which was filmed in Hollywood… Continue reading Mixologist Rap [Video]