Dog Death Stare

Dog is just chillin’, riding in the car, getting his groove on, minding his business. The he gets slapped and… DEATH STARE! Do not touch dog. Duly noted.

Do You Have Ebola?

I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I laughed my ass off when I saw it. Do you have ebola? Probably not. Feel free to whip yourself up into an irrational frenzy anyway, though.

Types of Families

So many possible types of families a kid can have these days… (this guy)

Mark Wahlberg High Five: Denied!

Mark Wahlberg, erstwhile Marky Mark, was watching the New England Patriots play on Sunday. He was sitting in owner Robert Kraft’s private box because that’s how Marky Mark rolls! Anyway, the Patriots scored and Wahlberg was clapping it up, but also totally dissing Kraft and his high-five attempt at the same time. Kraft has to awkwardly… Continue reading Mark Wahlberg High Five: Denied!

Gangster Cat

The denomination of the bills is way too small and the fact that they’re both US dollars and… something else, makes this photo lose a little of its luster, but hey, good effort anyway. Gangster Cat says be safe, have a good weekend and DON’T EVER CROSS ME.

Angry Drunk Vomit

Ah, drunk people… I don’t know where to go with that. But this… I’m also not sure how to explain it. Two drunk guys. Unrelated. One walking down the street trying to puke. The other pulling over in a car and violently puking and then driving away yelling something insane. Just a regular Saturday night… Continue reading Angry Drunk Vomit