Party at Paul Rudd’s Mom’s House!

The Kansas City Royals booked their ticket to the World Series Wednesday evening. Actor Paul Rudd, who is from nearby Overland Park and a long-time Royals fan, was on hand for the ALCS-clinching win. Naturally, some local news hack wanted to interview him and Paul agreed. Toward the end of this compelling interview, local news… Continue reading Party at Paul Rudd’s Mom’s House!

Fat Dog

Insanely fat dog. What’s even better than fat dog here are some of the comments people are making about fat dog over at Deadspin, where this was first posted. This one in particular is the winner. that fat dog is also a stupid dog. it could conserve precious calories by relaxing its forelimps and sliding… Continue reading Fat Dog

Local Meteorologists Draw Penises

Because that’s the weather pattern, you see? The weather pattern looks like a penis! Here, let me draw it for you! Jimmy Kimmel presented this awesome supercut of local meteorologists drawing dongs on their fancy maps, probably unwittingly. Although, why wouldn’t you want to slip in the occasional penis every once in a while if… Continue reading Local Meteorologists Draw Penises

This Goalie is Pissed!

That there is Bratstvo Gračanica goalie Romeo Mitrović. He and his team play in the Bosnian second division, so not exactly world-class soccer, as the huge crowd can probably attest. World-class brawling, perhaps. Mitrović, or someone on his club, got a yellow card. He reacted by throwing a haymaker at the ref. And who knows, maybe this was about… Continue reading This Goalie is Pissed!

Worst Selfie Attempt Ever

This just goes on way too long. This chick just can’t get the right angle or whatever to make herself look good. Then she’s all bending over trying to take a low-angle shot, for what reason I’m not quite sure. The kicker is this. She’s obviously at this pool with someone. Why didn’t she just ask… Continue reading Worst Selfie Attempt Ever

Face-Painted Man Attempts Bench Press Record, Fails

I don’t really know what makes this so funny to me, but I can’t stop chuckling about it. This is Angelo Samarippa. He’s 20 and he’s a pretty good powerlifter from what I gather. Good for him. In this clip, he’s going to attempt to set the world record for the unassisted bench press. He’s trying… Continue reading Face-Painted Man Attempts Bench Press Record, Fails

Just a Woman in Jeans in a Pool at a Football Game

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a really awful football team. They’re like the NFL’s junior varsity squad, but the league still lets them play with varsity teams every week. Here’s a bye week that you’ll actually earn a win for, the league says to opposing teams. Anyway, people don’t really want to go to Jaguars games… Continue reading Just a Woman in Jeans in a Pool at a Football Game