Funny Roadside Signs [Photos]

Leh-Mahali highway is probably one of India’s most dangerous road. It is 137 kilometers long that stretches from Kaza to Gramphoo (Lahual and Spiti). If there is an example of a really bad road, then this is it. Eighty percent of the route has no pavement. You pass through streams, perhaps even small rivers, negotiate… Continue reading Funny Roadside Signs [Photos]

Beautiful Camel Shearing in Bikaner [Photo]

Every January of the year, the desert city of Bikaner in India hosts one of the most colorful events in Asia: the Bikaner Camel Festival. This site was chosen because Bikaner has long been a camel breeding farm in India, and one of the largest. It is here where the favored beast of burden is… Continue reading Beautiful Camel Shearing in Bikaner [Photo]