Table For One Please

Table For One is a gallery of very sad pictures showing people who have no friends and eat alone in restaurants… via

The Full English Breakfast Pizza. How To…

Delicious! Heres the recipe… Pizza dough – store bought or handmade, enough for one pizza base Grated cheese One tomato One potato One egg Two mushrooms Two sausages Three rashers of bacon Five table spoons of baked beans Half a small tin of tomato puree No go have that coronary! Source via

Stay Puft Vs Ghostbusters Lego Re-enactment

The detail in this scene is awesome. Checkout the ‘busters on the room and the abondoned police car at the bottom. Although…im sure he was bigger than this in the film?!?! photo by Don Solo On a related subject…they have recently re-issued the product that made this guy famous…stay puft marshmallows! With a healthy load… Continue reading Stay Puft Vs Ghostbusters Lego Re-enactment