Awesome Star Wars Baseball Gif From Japan

There’s all kinds of fantastic going on in this gif. There’s Star Wars, there’s baseball and there’s comedy. This is supposedly from a Japanese baseball promo that involved teams from Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball league. That’s all well and good. The part we love about this is not that Darth Vader is at bat against a… Continue reading Awesome Star Wars Baseball Gif From Japan

Rabbit Swarm!

Yes, it’s literally a rabbit swarm. Why? We can’t really tell you. Those furry little bastards are attacking, though! Watch out! What you’re not seeing in this gif is that they totally devoured this woman in short order. They may look cute and cuddly, but these rabbits will eat you. Okay, maybe not, but isn’t… Continue reading Rabbit Swarm!

8-Bit Gifs of Well-Known Movies

Gifs! Woooooooooo! Today we’ve got some 8-bit gifs of well-known movies. These were created by illustrator Dusan Cezek. Here are our favorites. Superman Hellboy Fight Club Clerks Pulp Fiction The Big Lebowski The Avengers (See more)

Awesome Cat Gifs

I’ll be honest. I’m a dog person. However, funny gifs are awesome. Even cat gifs. Here are some of the best. (Via)