Oh, Nothing, Just a Surfing Pig

Meet Kamapua’a. He’s a surfing pig who belongs to Kai Holt, a Hawaii resident. One day Kamapua’a slipped into Holt’s pool, which is when he discovered the pig could swim and swim pretty well. So, obviously the thing to do was take him surfing. Kamapua’a has become somewhat well known. He now gets free surfboards… Continue reading Oh, Nothing, Just a Surfing Pig

Cup Noodles Shoveling Snow is Heartbreaking

Or is it hilarious? I really can’t say for sure, although I did laugh my ass off when I first saw this photo. What the hell is going on here, you’re probably wondering. Well, this Cup Noodles is shoveling outside the Cup Noodles Museum — yes, such a thing exists — in Yokohama, Japan. This past… Continue reading Cup Noodles Shoveling Snow is Heartbreaking

Here’s a Peeing on People Prank

Some wisenheimers decided to make this prank video that utilizes a water bottle to simulate, well, a stream of urine. It’s the peeing on people prank. The prankster sits in one public bathroom stall and hits guys in the next stall in his shoes with the water bottle. The results are predictable, but hilarious nonetheless.

Woman Talks About Running in Snow, Promptly Falls in Snow

Portland has had a lot of snow the past few days. Like, way more than normal snow. That didn’t stop some people from enjoying the great outdoors though. A couple was running by in the snow while one of the local TV stations was doing a report. So naturally, interview time! The woman talks about… Continue reading Woman Talks About Running in Snow, Promptly Falls in Snow

Here’s How They Deal with the Loud Neighbor in Beverly Hills

If you haven’t had a loud obnoxious neighbor, you’re lucky. For the most part, neighbors suck. If you happen to live in an apartment, it can be even worse because you’re packed into a box with a bunch of people. If you own a house, you just have to deal with the idiots on each side… Continue reading Here’s How They Deal with the Loud Neighbor in Beverly Hills

How To Understand Women

Right. Like you thought I was going to dish out some sage wisdom. Not happening because I have no idea what’s going through a woman’s head at any time, except for maybe some form of crazy. Except when she actually verbalizes what’s she’s thinking, but that never happens. Because hey, you’re just supposed to know.… Continue reading How To Understand Women

Child Stars Against Kirk Cameron [Video]

It was recently brought to my attention that former teen heartthrob and Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron is now some sort of minister. And also, he hates gays. We don’t condone ignorance. That’s not why we’re telling you this. We’re telling you this because Funny or Die got a bunch of former child stars together… Continue reading Child Stars Against Kirk Cameron [Video]

Winter Storm What?

You can file this under FAIL! This photo was taken from the Weather Channel. There are some pretty heavy winter storms hitting the east coast this week. The Weather Channel likes to name them like they were hurricanes or something. You know, they’ve got nothing better to do. All they do is talk about weather.… Continue reading Winter Storm What?