Freddie Mercury And Darth Vader [Photos]

We never knew this, but Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury apparently had something for Darth Vader. The above photo came from Danish Principle, and it apparently occurred during the band’s 1980 tour. There wasn’t really any other explanation, so we Googled “Freddie Mercury Darth Vader.” It seems this was a semi-regular occurrence. There are a… Continue reading Freddie Mercury And Darth Vader [Photos]

Mustaches Make A Difference [Photos]

Or moustaches in this case. Yes, we know Movember is over, but that doesn’t mean mustaches are any less awesome. In fact, sometimes they’re transformative. They’ve turned these individuals from weirdos into great people. Just have a look for yourself. They’re from Moustaches Make A Difference, a Movember group formed to benefit the Singapore Prostate… Continue reading Mustaches Make A Difference [Photos]