Aerial Stocking Remote Lakes

There are a lot of remote lakes in the Rocky Mountains, but they’re continually stocked with fish nonetheless. Not in the typical way though. These lakes are hit from above via what’s called aerial stocking. Basically, a plane flies over one of these lakes and craps a bunch of fish out. This raises a bunch… Continue reading Aerial Stocking Remote Lakes

Monster Fish

It doesn’t even look real, does it? It is real. That’s an 84.9 pound Cubera Snapper, which was caught by Brett Rutledge somewhere in the waters of Alabama. The fish was determined to be 36 years old and is a new state record for most gigantic fish. The damn thing has fangs. If it weren’t… Continue reading Monster Fish

That’s a Big Fish!

Here’s a couple ice fishermen reeling in what is said to be a near world record lake trout. The fish measured in at 43.75 inches. The video moves a little slow, but the reaction at the end is worth it. There’s some swearing in the video, so beware.