Muscle Up FAIL!

Here’s today’s FAIL! Some guy is trying to do some exercises on some gymnastics rings. We’re told this is called a muscle up, but how the hell would we really know? Gymnastics are for girls. Very flexible girls… We’ll just have to take his word for it. What we can tell you is it didn’t… Continue reading Muscle Up FAIL!

Closed Captioning FAIL!

The Chicago White Sox were playing the New York Yankees last night. Sox third baseman Conor Gillaspie was on deck. There he is on deck right there in that photo. However, if you were reading the closed captioning during the game, that told you that something else entirely was on deck. Or that something else entirely… Continue reading Closed Captioning FAIL!

Guy Thinks He Wins Bike Race One Lap Too Early

I don’t really know much about bicycle racing because, well, it’s boring. This was at some race in California last week, though. Some Spanish rider thinks he’s won the race and starts celebrating demonstratively. It’s that demonstrative celebration that makes it all the more hilarious that there’s actually one lap left in the race. Apparently,… Continue reading Guy Thinks He Wins Bike Race One Lap Too Early

Prom FAIL!

Why not end the work week enjoying the misery of others? I mean, it’s the best way to end the work week, isn’t it? Pointing and laughing maniacally and blurting out “You stupid bastard!” to no one in particular. Yeah, that’s the way to go! And so, let’s get to it. Here’s a big ball… Continue reading Prom FAIL!

Toy Car FAIL!

I’d don’t even know what’s going on here. Obviously, some chick is trying to drive around in a child’s toy car. She’s probably drunk. She’s definitely stupid. She’s way too big for this thing for starters. There are some stairs behind her… Ah, to hell with it. Just watch the video. What do you think… Continue reading Toy Car FAIL!

Here’s a Reporter Paul Cicala Falling on His Face

KVOA sports reporter Paul Cicala was in Las Vegas this weekend for the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament. KVOA the NBC affiliate in Tucson, which was there because the University of Arizona was playing. That’s the least important part here, though. Cicala was delivering his report and blathering on about something or other. Then he explains… Continue reading Here’s a Reporter Paul Cicala Falling on His Face

Ice Climbing Fall

Holy crap! So here we’ve got a guy doing some ice climbing. It’s probably your usual, everyday sort of thing if you’re an ice climber. That is until he takes one major tumble. Oh, we forgot to mention he’s wearing a camera, so you get to watch him fall all the way down this damn… Continue reading Ice Climbing Fall