This Tool…

Everyone loves to dunk a basketball, but some of us just aren’t tall and/or athletic enough. But thank god they made adjustable hoops so we can lower the rim down and know what it feels like to throw down a thunderous tomahawk dunk. Like this tool… Throws down a monster on an 8-foot rim complete… Continue reading This Tool…

This is the Worst Chest Bump Execution Ever

Coaches should be stoic figures for this very reason right here. When they get all rah-rah and start acting like the people they’re coaching, who are usually much younger than they are, they usually end up looking like fools. So here’s a high school football coach who’s pretty stoked about his team pulling out their first… Continue reading This is the Worst Chest Bump Execution Ever

Skydiver Delivering Game Ball Lands Outside Stadium

Penn State played Central Florida in a college football game in Dublin on Saturday. Because the American football-crazed city of Dublin is the obvious place to play a contest between universities from Pennsylvania and Florida… The game, I am told, was great. Penn State won it 26-24 on a field goal as time expired. What… Continue reading Skydiver Delivering Game Ball Lands Outside Stadium

Jet Ski Carnage

There’s obviously a whole bunch of stupidity going on here. The real question is why? You’ve got a jet ski sitting on the shore, when all of the sudden another jet ski comes flying out of nowhere, hits and jumps the first jet ski. Bodies go flying. That’s all tremendous. What I don’t understand is… Continue reading Jet Ski Carnage

Crossfit Muscle Up FAIL!

Ah, so now I know what a muscle up is. Or at least I think I do. It’s part of this crossfit crap. That’s a very solid definition, don’t you think? mus·cle up /ˈməsəl əp/ (noun) 1. part of this crossfit crap Anyway, what we’re here for today is to watch some dude fail miserably… Continue reading Crossfit Muscle Up FAIL!

One Minute Parking

Check out the top of this sign. One minute parking. This thing is actually posted on a street here in Los Angeles. It’s not a joke. It’s just that someone failed miserably. It’s supposed to say one hour parking. But not the company that made the sign nor the person who put it up seemed… Continue reading One Minute Parking

Treadmill Faceplant

This is a complete and total failure. Here we’ve got a couple juiceheads doing some sort of report/interview in a gym. In the background some tool tries to use the treadmill. Problem is, the treadmill is running pretty fast. He attempts to jump on, his face rapidly meets the tread and his body goes flying.… Continue reading Treadmill Faceplant

Dock, Gravity Do Not Appreciate Huge Wedding Party

We always enjoy human stupidity. Actually, scratch that. We only enjoy it when it results in something funny and/or horrible happening to those who exhibit it. How about this? Oh, we’ve got a HUGE wedding party because we are SO popular! Seriously, do you really need 48 people in your wedding party? No one wants… Continue reading Dock, Gravity Do Not Appreciate Huge Wedding Party