Disney Princesses Go to College

College Humor has dared to imagine what it would be like if Disney princesses were in college. The illustrations were done by Paul Westover. You can see more here.

Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

Illustrator Ralph Sevelius, who actually works for Disney, has been mashing up Disney princesses with Star Wars characters. “The idea came when Disney had bought the Star Wars property and a friend made a tongue in cheek joke saying, ‘I guess princess Leia is a new Disney princess,’ Sevelius told LAist. The illustrator, who primarily works for Disney,… Continue reading Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

The Nefarious World Of Disney [Photos]

The wonderful world of Disney? Not anymore. Artist Darko Kreculj, a.k.a TestosteronMan, has turned those lovable Disney characters into something else entirely. Maybe something that you’d find roaming Times Square circa 1980. You can see more of his work at the link above. In the meantime, enjoy the nefarious world of Disney. (via Who Killed… Continue reading The Nefarious World Of Disney [Photos]