F*** the Recession

Money to burn and want to tell everyone about it? Go here and purchase one of these t-shirts for only $630. Available in Black. Go stand outside a Circuit City or Woolsworth store and see how long you can go before someone punches you in the face!via

The Decorated Jockstrap

“Designer Colin Corbett brings a unique artistic vision to the unexpected in his series of cultural and humorous jockstraps. Taking themes from Ancient Greece, word play and world religion, Corbett’s work focuses on the taboo attraction of the male member in ways both surprising and provocative.” This is my favourite… “Corbett’s work makes strong statements… Continue reading The Decorated Jockstrap

Catalog Pose Man in a Bulletproof Poloshirt

Besides looking rather cool in a “Stare off in to the distance catalog pose” way this guy this guy is also protected from “anti-catalog” drive by shooters. His poloshirt is resistant to gunfire from a 9mm pistol to a Uzi submachine gun. Fingers crossed the shooters are considerate enough to only shoot at his chest… Continue reading Catalog Pose Man in a Bulletproof Poloshirt

The NES Controller Geekini

We all knew it was just a matter of pushing the right buttons… French designer John Nouanesing has designed this great peice of summer geek dress called the Geekini. A two piece bikini with some strategically placed buttons in the style of the original Nintendo controller. I cant wait to see what he models the… Continue reading The NES Controller Geekini

The Google Sari

Google really is taking over the world… Google the fashion item? Fashion Designer Satya Paul featured a sari with google results printed over it. You cant quite make out what the search words are though which is a pity. You can just about make out the word “shop” in the url but nothing more. via