Here’s the New Batmobile

Someone has spotted the new Batmobile from Zach Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. And they were swell enough to take some photos of it and post them online. Apparently, it closely resembles the Batmobile from Arkham Knight. (these guys)

LexCorp = LameCorp

The more I see and hear about the Batman v Superman movie, the lower my expectations go. I mean, first of all Ben Affleck is Batman. Now, we see in this shot from the set that this is LexCorp. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. It might as well be Google or Hooli, if you’re a fan of Mike Judge’s… Continue reading LexCorp = LameCorp

Batman-Themed Golf Cart? Batman-Themed Golf Cart

There’s a Batman-themed golf cart because… well of course there is! Of course, only someone with Bruce Wayne’s wealth will be able to afford it. You’ll just have to construct your own. It’s called The Gotham Golfcart and it’s just a wee $35,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer. On a related note, has anyone ever bought any… Continue reading Batman-Themed Golf Cart? Batman-Themed Golf Cart

Bane Cat? Bane Cat

Is Bane Cat what you think it is? Only if you think it’s a cat dressed up and wreaking havoc like the Batman villain Bane. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. This concept may sound awfully stupid on the surface, but trust me. Watch the video. It’s funny stuff. From Robs Rants.

Batman Hilariously Ruins Your Favorite Movies

Apparently there were two earlier versions of this, but we’re just getting hip to it now. It’s called Batman in Classic Movies and it’s by PistolShrimps. The video consists of short clips of Batman (and in some cases, Bane) inserted into well-known movie scenes. And of course the results are hilarious.