New shrink wrapped style car has ZERO emissions

Yes, it looks look an shrink wrapped F1 car doesnt it. Students of DeLaSalle School in Kansas City, Mo., have developed an electric car which has been successfully tested on Bridgestone’s Texas Proving Grounds. It’s a plug-in electric car, built on the chassis of 2000 Lola Indy. During test on Bridgestone’s Texas Proving Grounds it… Continue reading New shrink wrapped style car has ZERO emissions


An over-ambitious farmer maybe? Either way, its an excuse to relay my favourite joke: What do you call someone who used to like tractors?An ex-tractor fan. 🙂

BMW Shows Off Its 714 Shiny Balls.

714 balls dangling on string in mid air controlled by a computer… The balls settle in a number of different shapes before ultimatly finishing on the shape of a classic BMW car. Mesmerizing and pretty darn impressive. Probably more so if seen live… via

The Smart Windscreen Concept.

This “Smart Windshield” concept for Wired Magazine has some exciting (but undoubtedly dangerous) features…(Click on the image to zoom in by the way) Handsfree Tetris, conference calls, google calendar and, the feature that caught my eye, a driver identification system that tells you more about other drivers on the road in front of you…what a… Continue reading The Smart Windscreen Concept.