Here’s George Washington Dunking on Kim Jong-un

Man, this just makes me laugh. It’s a painting of George Washington dunking on Kim Jong-un, the North Korean supreme leader. A painting! I think it’s the expression on George’s face as he prepares to bring down the thunder. It probably doesn’t hurt that Abe Lincoln is looking on in the background with a smirk.… Continue reading Here’s George Washington Dunking on Kim Jong-un

Star Wars NFL Helmets

The following digital illustrations are from artist John Raya. They depict NFL teams as if they were in a galaxy far, far away. In other words, they’re Star Wars themed. See more here and here. (Via)

Sexy Cartoon Girls

DeviantArt illustrator CartoonGirls has a number of works of your favorite female cartoon characters in various states of, uh… sexiness. These are some of our favorites. You can see more here. Ariel Jane Jetson Pebbles Flintstone Red Hot Riding Hood Velma and Daphne Dominatrix Snow White (Via)

Realistic Monsters From The Legend of Zelda

Artist Nate Hallinan has created this realistic looking monsters, or enemies I guess, from The Legend of Zelda. Check out Deku, Goron Cave Guard and Skulltula below. You can seem more of Nate’s work on DeviantArt. There’s plenty of other fantasy stuff there, if you’re into that kind of thing. (Via)

Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses

I really love this series by Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein. It’s called Fallen Princesses and depicts mostly Disney princesses after the fairy tale ends. Dina’s photography is meant to, in her words, “evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer so as to inspire insight into the human condition.” This… Continue reading Dina Goldstein’s Fallen Princesses

Giant Rubber Duck Bursts

There was a giant rubber duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, on display in Taiwan‘s Keelung Port. Then it burst on Tuesday because… well, no one knows. This is the second time the duck has blown up. (Via)

Double and Triple Exposure Forest People

I don’t really know what I can say about these except they’re apparently double and triple exposure photos. Why don’t I know? Well, because I found them on a site that’s written in some foreign language. In any case, here they are and you can go here to see more.  

Disintegrating Cars by Fabian Oefner

These are from artist Fabian Oefner‘s series called Disintegrating. They’re actually photographs of model cars. Each piece is placed where it needs to be and then photographed. Then all of those photos are assembled into one. You can take a look at the process in this video.