Worlds Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars

Ferrari estimates that over £60 million worth of Italian automotive exotica was on the Silverstone Circuit at once, including everything from a 250 California Spyder to a 250GTO to F40s, F50s, Enzos and ultra-rare FXX. Ferrari and the Ferrari Owners Club GB joined forces at Silverstone on Saturday 9 June, 2007, to set an incredible… Continue reading Worlds Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars

Roadside billboard signs with your life flashing before you.

Roadside billboards in america that are set out in consecutive order aren’t uncommon but you very very rarely see them here in the UK. This campaign would make anyone slow down and notice. click to enlarge As you pass them, you see a flip book of pictures from someone’s life to simulate your own life… Continue reading Roadside billboard signs with your life flashing before you.

Andy Curran must be pissed off by now!

Since i posted about the scam Marks & Spencer / Persimmon Homes email that entered my inbox last week (see A plee on behalf of Andy Curran), the blog has been recieving traffic on search terms such as “” etc.  Fellow blogger Adem from Ademweb contacted some other people who have been investigating this email… Continue reading Andy Curran must be pissed off by now!

Parents call kids “Winner” and “Loser”. “Winner” becomes loser and “Loser” becomes a winner

The story of how Loser got his name is simple. The day he was born,their late father, Robert, asked his daughter what to name the baby.“My dad comes home and asks my oldest sister what to name me and shesaid, ‘Well, we’ve got a Winner, why don’t we have a Loser?’ And thereyou go.” While… Continue reading Parents call kids “Winner” and “Loser”. “Winner” becomes loser and “Loser” becomes a winner

101 Really Useful Websites

The Independent has published a list of 101 useful websites although the majority of them are shopping orientated… A couple of my favourites: Dependent on public goodwill, this is a site where people upload promo codes they’ve come across. Check out this site before buying anything online and you could save, save, save. It… Continue reading 101 Really Useful Websites

Dog has kittens.

A dog in China has become a local celebrity after it “reportedly” gave birth to a kitten. Apparently a local vet has confirmed that it is a dog but looks like a cat because of a gene mutation. “The first two puppies the dog produced were both normal, but when the third baby came, the… Continue reading Dog has kittens.

1 bed flat for sale – yours for only £3,000,000

A 1 bed flat in this block of housing in London’s Belgravia area is on the market for £3 million pound! Its 1400 square feet which is the floor area of an average 4 bed usually.Elizabeth Hurley owns a £5 million house in the same street. Extra Ordinary Things via leenks

Plane lands nose down in sand in Florida.

In this photo…beach-goers react as a single engine propeller plane makes an emergency landing on the beach in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., Saturday, June 9, 2007. The aircraft lost power and the pilot landed the aircraft without injuries to himself, his passenger or anyone on the beach. via Arbroath