Streaker Appeal!

A video we posted yesterday (Streaker Fail) has gone viral!

The video was anonymously submitted to us asking us to put it on our site so we posted it yesterday. After being viewed on our youtube channel over 10k times and then subsequently being posted up on Liveleak where it has now amased over 222k views, it has well and truly gone viral.

UPDATE: A tv company from the US has been in contact with us here at aboutcolonblank and has offered $1000 reward for the streaker!!!. They want to use the clip on their tv show and would like to talk to you. So if you recently went Streaking on the Quad and received a broken nose…come forward and ill get you in touch with the tv company that want to use the clip on their show!

We were hoping that the streaker could identify himself so we can credit him fully??? And to check up on the state of his nose!


  1. Please let us know who he is, cause I think I’m in love. Anybody who does that, is pure win in my book! LOL

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