Stop Dressing Up as Creepy Clowns, People

creepy clown

This clown, known as the Wasco Clown, had been mysteriously appearing in Kern County, California recently. Random photos of him being creepy as hell would appear on social media with no explanation.

That turned out to be art project, which was predictable.

Of course, once this creepy bastard got some notoriety, other clowns started popping up in northern California cities. And those clowns weren’t playing around.

Those clowns have reportedly been terrorizing people. There have been reports of clowns with guns, bats, axes and machetes. Yes, an ax-wielding clown.

The stuff of nightmares.

The police, particularly in Bakersfield, where this appears to be rampant, are pissed. They will arrest you! So stop dressing up like clowns and carrying weapons around, okay people?