Star Trek mosaics made from coloured beads and thread.

You sci fi geeks cant get enough of mosaics lately.

These Star Trek themed mosaics were created by Star Trek fan Devorah Sperber.

To recreate the look of being beamed up, Sperber used semi
translucent beads to thread the standing characters into shape. The
image of Captain Kirk (shown, right) uses 25,000 plastic beads strung
onto monofilament. “The beaded figures are the most time consuming
works I have done to date,” she reveals. “In addition to laying out the
beads in the correct order and stringing them onto monofilament,
aligning the beads and attaching them to a hanging apparatus took weeks
and weeks for each figure.”

She has also created mosaics using spools of thread…

more info at The Underwire