Stanford Band Cowbell Player is Clearly Drunk

Stanford band nutjob

Stanford played Kansas today in the NCAA basketball tournament. They won by three to move to the round of 16. They also brought the most insane band member to the tourney as well.

This dude plays the cowbell with vigor. Yes, he’s a cowbell player. That’s all. He probably just signed up to be the cowbell player so he could get some free, prime seats to the tourney.

Those Stanford kids, they’re always thinking. That’s why they got into Stanford.

But really, what’s wrong with this dude? He’s clearly drunk, right?


There was a report that the Stanford band got busted for trying to sneak booze into the game in the tubas. Like I said, those Stanford kids are always thinking.

However, that report was later retracted. We’re guessing if these eggheads wanted to get booze into the game, they were getting booze into the game. They obviously weren’t going to be undone by some meddling arena security guard who clearly doesn’t possess a Stanford degree!

Am I right?