Sports Tattoo Fail!

Texas Rangers tattoo fail

There are a lot of dumb sports tattoos out there. Most of them involve someone putting someone else’s face on some part of their body.

This particular sports tattoo takes things a step further, though. It’s completely inaccurate because, well, the Texas Rangers are not the 2011 World Champs.

In case you’re completely oblivious to baseball, the Rangers lost the World Series in seven games to the St. Louis Cardinals. They were twice one strike away from winning the series in game 6, but ended up choking and losing to the Cardinals in extra innings. That set up a game 7, where St. Louis won by four runs.

So what the hell is with this tattoo?

Apparently, this individual was so certain his Rangers would win the series, regardless of what happened in game 6, he went out and got the tattoo prior to game 7.

A bold move and, as it turns out, also a stupid one.