So…what have we missed?

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or just a great few days off if you not into the whole christmas thing.)

Not to let you all fall too far behind in the goings on on this weird earth planet thing we live on, i thought we would have a catchup post briefly featuring all the news that we missed while we were off eating vast amounts of turkey…well…

Photoshop freaks

These freaky looking photoshop creations have been creating quite an impact. Using a smaller version of the mouth to create the eyes of famous celebs. More via

Comic Bollock Abuse

Did you know that theres a blog dedicated to the art of comic book characters attacking other characters “meat and two veg”, their “twig and berries”, their “boys in the basement”, their “Bush and Blairs” or their “Mary-kate and Ashleys”… Link via

Clever Dicks
Researchers in Israel have placed a version of the bible on a chip smaller than a pinhead! via

Check out the ribs on her!
Artist Koen Hauser mixes photography of real people and anatomical models to create these striking images…via

The Newspaper Producing Microwave – Futuristing Prediction from the Past
Taken from the 1970 issue of popular science, this is how they predicted future news would be propogated… striaght from a microwave looking printer thing in your living room.more via

Highly Detailed Iso-3D Map of Hong Kong
Take a look at this super-detailed 3D illustrated, fully annotated and interactive map of Hong Kong (cheers littleoslo!). via

Oh, and…
Amateur Camera footage of plane crash in Turkey.

And thats about it. Regular posting will now resume i hope, its all depending on the effect that the left over turkey curry has on my digestive system over the next 12 hours. Only time will tell…