Someone in Venice: Your Cat is a Dick

Venice cat sign

So here’s this. Someone in Los Angeles’ Venice neighborhood posted this sign sometime this week about an orange tabby cat that is, apparently, a total dick.

It says it right there on the sign: Your cat is a dick.

Said dickish cat is accused of harassment and cat-on-cat violence.

And then the sign goes into the rant from the movie Taken. However, that was totally lost on whoever posted this at LAist (until someone pointed it out).

How can you write for a blog about nothing other than Los Angeles and not know dick about movies? Seems odd, doesn’t it? Even if you haven’t seen Taken, you probably should be able to place that scene. It was on all the damn commercials.

Anyway, pets are typically a good reflection of their owner, aren’t they? If this cat is a dick then there’s a good chance whoever owns it is a total dick as well. I mean, who just lets their cat run around the neighborhood anyway?

And besides that, the west side of L.A. is filled with a bunch of pretentious f*cks, so this totally fits the bill.