Soccer Manager For Sale On eBay

The manager of the Cardiff City team, Dave Jones is being sold for more than £200,000 on eBay by a pissed off fan.

He says he posted the item because he is tired of what he claims is Jones’ list of excuses growing by the day while nothing ever appears to be his fault.

The auction description reads:

“You are bidding for the current manager of Cardiff City Football Club, Dave Jones.

“His recent behaviour is a bit on the odd side.

“His achievements include twice getting teams to the top of the Championship before blowing things in fine style.

“This season he has upped the stakes and brought in two pensioners up front, paying them ridiculous amounts of money.

On a more personal note…i was once in a hospital bed next to Dave Jones before getting an operation on my knee. Thanks to very flimsy hospital bedclothes, I am probably one of few people who can claim to have seen his ass.

via icWales
(I think eBay has taken him off the market already…spoilsports!”