Sarah Harbaugh Wants You to Stop Dad Pants

Sarah Harbaugh

If you’re a fan of the NFL, then you probably know that Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the San Francisco 49ers. He’s also an insufferable prick, but that’s another story. Jim is notorious for wearing the same exact outfit every day — tank khaki pants, black 49ers sweatshirt with logo over the left breast, black 49ers hat, marker hanging from a string around his neck.

Last season, it came out that Harbaugh’s pants were actually $8 pleated Walmart khakis. He buys them in bunches.

His wife, Sarah Harbaugh, is rightfully embarrassed by this.

Dockers put together this great spot for their pants featuring Sarah Harbaugh, called Stop Dad Pants. It’s PSA-style, which is what makes it funny because “Dad Pants” comes off as a serious epidemic.