Ryan Hipwood Rides a Damn Big Wave

Ryan Hipwood

Supposedly this wave is the most dangerous wave there is. It’s called The Right. Yeah, it has its own damn name. Surfer Ryan Hipwood has ridden it before. He was not successful. In fact, he almost died trying to ride it.

Why? Because it’s a damn huge wave.

This surf is somewhere in western Australia and we know they have big waves. How come? Because that’s where Bodhi went to die in Point Break.

“He’s not coming back,” said Johnny Utah.

Anyway, what do you do when a wave almost kills you? Well, you ride it again, naturally!

You know, these waves are impressive, but I have to wonder about all of these shitbirds sitting around on their jet skis or whatever. You’ve got a surfer flying out of a wave he’s damn lucky to survive and these asshats are just sitting there in what appears to be the direct line of the chute.

I’d like to see one of those guys get their head taken off by a surfboard. That would teach them to mill around.