Russian Torture Devices. Ouch!

Heres a cheerful collection of torture devices held in the St Petersburg Museum, Russia. Theres nothing like a spot of good old fashioned Russian brutality to finish off the weekend!

This is the Interrogation Seat. Self explanatory dont you think?

This is rather dramatically called The Mask of Infamy! The naughty person had to wear them in public. Not so much of a torture device really but it looked kinda cool!

Now this is a bit extreme…its “The Hand Saw!” and i think the diagram says it all really. They used to use it against homosexuals and witches. Bit extreme dont you think?

The Witches Billy Goat. Im not too sure about the significance of the name but basically, they get the so-called criminal to sit on top and tie weights to his arms and legs!

Id rather some of those than a night of X-Factor/American Idol!

For more gruesome pics and even more detail, take a look at:

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