This Goalie is Pissed!

Romeo Mitrović

That there is Bratstvo Gračanica goalie Romeo Mitrović. He and his team play in the Bosnian second division, so not exactly world-class soccer, as the huge crowd can probably attest.

World-class brawling, perhaps. Mitrović, or someone on his club, got a yellow card. He reacted by throwing a haymaker at the ref. And who knows, maybe this was about something else. Maybe that ref slept with Mitrović’s old lady.

Not clear.

What is clear is that it’s a good thing Mitrović doesn’t throw a very accurate punch. That ref would have been knocked the hell out. Also clear is the ref wants no part of any of this. Scared shitless, I’m guessing.

And lastly, sweet-ass background music, yo!

(these guys)