Roadkill “art” priced at 1m isnt selling. Why?

A piece of “art” by artist “Adam Morrigan” features the remains of 2 ducks that have been sewn together.

He put a slightly overpriced tag of £1m on his piece. When asked about the inflated price, he replied:

“The price is part of the concept”

Yeah, right.

Mr Morrigan collects roadkill from around his home and determines if the carcass is in a good enough condition to be used.

Suitable specimens are then skinned and traditionally preserved. After the process is complete, it is stretched and hung in a canvas.

The controversial “artist” also eats some of the roadkill if it is in a good condition.

None of his latest pieces have sold. Surprise surprise.I just don’t get this shock art thing.


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Author: Jase

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  1. What part of undervalued do you not understand? The works are not however stretched on canvas as “Prepared Skin” you know! that stuff you may wear as make up for your feet, came from a real animal, with a real life and met a real death. You know the stuff! commonly called leather but also known as Parchment or Velum dependent on thickness type and quality of hide; carries its own imeasurable mereits. I believe you’ve missed the point, why dont you take another look and see if you can find it…

    Best wishes for the future Adam xxx

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  2. Thanks for visiting Adam. Its always good to get comments from the origin.

    Im afraid your lecturing the wrong person. I studied art in uni and while i can see a certain amount of artistic merit in shock art such as this, i just dont rate it as high as other artistic skills. (none of which i possess by the way!). I never quite get why this genre of art gets the price tag they sometimes demand.

    Maybe im jealous of not having the idea in the first place and the gift of the gab to sell it to other arty folk.


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  3. Hi Jase, I think I’m the last person to be lecturing anyone “No really!” The point is what a Mappe Mundi is, an 11century (or so) “Velum” document which was designed to prove a point. Come and have a look; if you want e-mail me and i’ll send you an invite to the opening. Ad

    Road Kill ( Mappe Mundi )
    2 Mallard ducklings one male one female, sewn together, rawhide, passing light shows the detail. ( No detail is too small. ) A belief in manifest destiny has been responsible for many atrocities and the ideal of denigrating one belief over another especially has caused immense harm and disassociation from our intrinsic relationship with the natural world.

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  4. people have studied religion, do they know god?

    people have studied medicine, do they know whats wrong with you?

    i studied a wall, do i know the wall?

    BTW i know zilch.

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