Road rage utter prat gets banned from driving…(insert The Simpsons-Nelson type “Haha” here)

Take a look at this video taken from CCTV footage at the front of a public bus in Plymouth, UK…I love stories of chavs like this getting their comeuppance!

Taken from Daily Mail:

Raging and swearing, this is the moment a 20-year-old driver completely loses his head – and his licence.

Korey Rowett, captured on CCTV, jumps behind the wheel of his boxed-in car, swerves on to the pavement and scatters Saturday morning shoppers as he squeezes his Peugeot 206 between bus shelters and shop windows.

Rowett had illegally parked his car in a bus lane so he could use a nearby cash machine.

He returned to find it blocked in by a bus and blew his top when the bus driver remonstrated with him….

via Arbroath