The Red Viper and The Mountain Off Set

I couldn’t resist. If you watched Game of Thrones last week, then you saw The Red Viper handily kick The Mountain’s ass in a duel. That is, right up until the part where he got cocky, The Mountain grabbed him and made his head explode.

So that was the rather disgusting and somewhat surprising end to The Red Viper, who did not get revenge on The Mountain for raping and killing his sister. He did get the confession he asked for, however. So there’s that.

It was also the end for actor Pedro Pascal, who played The Red Viper, on Game of Thrones. That sucks because his character was awesome. But then it sucked when Rob Stark got it too.

We managed to move on then and we’ll move on again.

I do love this photo. Pascal posted it to Instagram yesterday. That’s him with Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain.

The Red Viper and The Mountain

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