Real life Fonejacker call with the UK Child Support Agency. Yep, them again.

Blogging pal and ex-work colleague Mr Daz has some seriously bad karma about him. Things just tend to go from bad to worse for him.

Fortunately for us…all of this tends to result in a rather humourous blog detailing his fight for justice against various institutions.

Insurance companies Royal & Sun Alliance and Direct Line have felt his wrath and it is now the turn of the rather shoddy UK Child Support Agency.(yes, the guys who recently lost 6cd’s worth of public information including our bank details (or was that the child benefit agency? whatever!))

This has actually got quite a serious side to it. You see, the CSA has made quite a major mistake with daz’s account and Daz is on the verge of loosing his house due to unpaid mortgage and serious debt…all due to a mess up at the CSA.

His kids could potentially loose their home.

Here is a call to the CSA that daz made recently…documented in a very funny fonejacker style sketch.

Lets hope that this video gets the profile it deserves and it all gets sorted out for him rather quickly.


  1. I like the fact the Child Support Agency are being blamed for losing the personal details of 25 Million people. A lot of blogs are saying this, far be it from me to point out that it’s actually the Child Benefit Agency that did this.

    Yeah, I know. People’s front of Judea anyone? The CSA are so incompetent that everyone’s blaming them anyway. I love it. No need to correct it Jase; just leave it as it is!

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