Rain is News in Los Angeles

I live in Los Angeles. It rained yesterday in Los Angeles. Quite a bit in fact. I did not find this odd. It is November, after all. It rains in November. Usually in December, too.

However, this was a story to one local news station, NBC 4. They sent a reporter out on the street to do a hard-hitting investigative piece on the magical water that was falling from the sky.

Oh, my! You can’t get out of your van to shoot the rain, you say?! Whatever will you do?! And how are we supposed to comprehend this complex story if you can’t collect footage without stepping out of your van?!

Oh, and there’s this important and telling sound bite.

Dude on the street: “When we walked out of the place, she was like, oh, I don’t have my umbrella. So she went back and got it.”

Compelling and rich.