Prom FAIL!

Why not end the work week enjoying the misery of others? I mean, it’s the best way to end the work week, isn’t it? Pointing and laughing maniacally and blurting out “You stupid bastard!” to no one in particular.

Yeah, that’s the way to go!

And so, let’s get to it. Here’s a big ball of FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

Scene one.

Stupid teenagers are all dressed up and on their way to prom. Stupid teenagers (or stupid parents) have a great idea to stop and take a group photo on a bridge. This group photo.

Prom FAIL!


Awwww… isn’t that nice.

Seriously, is that like half the senior class or something? Could you pack a few more people on that crappy bridge?

Well, of course you know what happened next.

Scene two.

Prom FAIL!


The kid that tweeted this photo out is apparently in it. His name is Lane Rohrich. That name has future middle manager written all over it.

Think Bill Lumbergh.

Oh, wait! No it doesn’t. He’s a rich kid. Look at that. It tells me he’s a rich kid right there in his Twitter handle: @rohRICHBOY_1.

The young ladies must just swoon to you, son. What with your big… bankroll.


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