Presto Flo Gets Blown Out to Sea

Presto Flo into the drink

Presto Flo is a rapper. At least that’s what I’m told. I could really care less. And no, he’s not getting blown in the water. He’s getting blown into water.

Like by the wind. Because he’s the kind of dude that the wind can blow wherever it so pleases.

Yeah, Presto Flo was taking some sweet-ass promo shots and decided to stand on a seawall in front of the ocean. Then… see ya later, bro!

What I would like to know is, who was thinking to themselves, “I just need to get video of this sweet-ass photo shoot because this is going to be some epic stuff!” … ?

I mean, we’re all better off that this person was shooting video, but what were they going to do with that video if dude hadn’t been blown into the sea?