Polystyrene Chicken Art at the Beach….eh?

Hey look, theres a big uncooked chicken on the beach!

Nicolas Lampert and Micaela O’Herlihy created a ten-foot rotisserie chicken out of polystyrene foam, hard coated, and then painted with latex paint and final coat of high gloss varnish.

In October, 2006 “Attention Chicken!” made a number of unannounced public interventions throughout Milwaukee at Bradford Beach, the woods, Walmart, National Ave, and other locations throughout the city. Reactions ranged from laughter to attacks directed at the chicken (three in one day!)


  1. what a great piece of art and what a shock if you actually came across it in the woods. just on my first piece of polystyrene art for a theme of circus. Got any tips for a good end result. What did you cut it with.

  2. man, i would love to just be walking and come across that giant chicken. i think that would make my year.

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