Photo FAIL! Deck FAIL!

deck FAIL!

Technically, that has to be a deck FAIL! It’s the deck that’s the actual failure. Then again, it probably didn’t help that all of these people pile on one end of it while trying to take a group photo.

So, it’s also a photo FAIL!

Laugh out loud stuff.

I have some questions, however. Me being a reasonable individual and all. There are three camera angles used in this video. Why was this particular deck being shot from three angles? It looks like security camera footage, but still. Second, if you’re telling me this photographer is going to take a photo of this big group of people from three feet away and fit them all in, well, I’m going to say you’re an idiot.

Either that’s one stupid photographer or she’s got some magic lens.

What am I getting at here? Is it possible that a video I found on the Internet was staged? Probably not, but something to consider.

Staged or not, it’s still funny.