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  2. Kids from all over school will be envious that they can never be Jedi Knights outside of their imaginations, but this boy is a real Jed I Knight for life. 🙂 Case and point, my boyfriend’s little brother just said, “That’s his real name? That’s so awesome!” And he’s eight.

  3. How would you have liked to be called that when you were 13 and everyone thought Star Wars was geeky? When you’re young, people tease you for anything that’s different.

    I have a friend whose last name is Blood – awesome, right? People tease him all the time about it.

    Also, the kids face is all red on one side. What happened?

  4. My friend was really hoping to name his firstborn Luke Sky..happily (or sadly) it seems my old pal Mr Walker is still a virgin at erm nearly 38, so the world is safe for now lol

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