Parents of the Year Award…Mr & Mrs Knight

Poor Kid. via

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Author: Monty McMahon

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  1. And thus a child is born that will grow up to be a mass-murderer or some other disappointing outcome.

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  2. Wow. And I thought Willow T. Humptingford was a bad name.

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  3. The force is strong with this one.

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  4. Kids from all over school will be envious that they can never be Jedi Knights outside of their imaginations, but this boy is a real Jed I Knight for life. 🙂 Case and point, my boyfriend’s little brother just said, “That’s his real name? That’s so awesome!” And he’s eight.

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  5. Poor kid? Try the most lucky kid on earth!

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  6. How would you have liked to be called that when you were 13 and everyone thought Star Wars was geeky? When you’re young, people tease you for anything that’s different.

    I have a friend whose last name is Blood – awesome, right? People tease him all the time about it.

    Also, the kids face is all red on one side. What happened?

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  7. My friend was really hoping to name his firstborn Luke Sky..happily (or sadly) it seems my old pal Mr Walker is still a virgin at erm nearly 38, so the world is safe for now lol

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