Parents call kids “Winner” and “Loser”. “Winner” becomes loser and “Loser” becomes a winner

The story of how Loser got his name is simple. The day he was born,
their late father, Robert, asked his daughter what to name the baby.
“My dad comes home and asks my oldest sister what to name me and she
said, ‘Well, we’ve got a Winner, why don’t we have a Loser?’ And there
you go.”

While Loser’s friends had no problem calling him by his name, his
teachers and other adults “couldn’t bring themselves to call me Loser”,
so he became Lou.

The irony is that Winner went on rack up 31 arrests before completing a jail sentence for breaking into a car and lives in a homeless shelter in New York while Loser became a star student and athlete, went to college and became a policeman and was eventually promoted to detective.

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