“Panpaati” Edible Furniture

Spanish Designer Enoc Armengol likes disposable living.
Why spend a fortune at expensive furniture stores when you can follow his example and simply bake as you go!

‘every piece forms a living, organic, natural structure, which suffers the alterations
on having interacted with the environment, humans, animals…this is food! it creates
a vital cycle, which it’s born, lives, and dies without leaving rest.100% alive matter.
100% biodegradable. the work is formed by a set of common furniture, composed
by two chairs and one table, these turn automatically into the core of a synergy of shared
actions, both internal and external, that modify the initial form constantly. somehow
this installation can be a clear reflect from the actual society and production process.
fast, and the short-time life of the current, almost ephemeral furniture. nevertheless,
these pieces can also be eaten becoming part of the living process.’