Panoman v3 for the Nokia N95

Last night i went to the Wales Millennium Centre to watch White Christmas starring none other than Craig McLachlan; Henry from Neighbours! (Yep, he’s still going stong…but without the dungarees thankfully)

While i was there waiting, i thought it was the idea opportunity to try out a new app that i had downloaded for my phone called Panoman.

It takes panoramic photos and stitches them automatically and I have to say…its not bad at all! Very quick and easy and the results looked great. Theres a little glitch on the bottom left of this one but considering the lighting and the speed at which i did it (i was being watched by some very eagle-eye usherettes!) i dont think the results are half bad!

Oh, and the show wasnt bad either.

And if theres anyone from Bit-Side (the clever buggers behind Panoman) reading this, i would love to become a beta tester for your n95 stuff if you need one!