New Trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the most spectacular sci-fi film of all time, is getting rereleased in cinemas in the UK and Warner Bros. had a new trailer cut for it. It’s a great reminder how mind-bendingly awesome that movie is. The limited run begins on November 28 and is part of the British Film… Continue reading New Trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey

His Pimp Hand is Strong

If you’re looking for a really dirty hooker, you should probably check with this guy. The cane tells us he’s obviously a pimp. A pimp who has stationed his throne directly in front of a dumpster… Speaking of, do you think the hooker will emerge from the dumpster? That would be awesome!

Well-Timed Team Photo

This is the Derry City team photo. They play in the League of Ireland Premier Division, so you’d think they could afford a bench that people can actually sit on. Not the case! The part of this that makes me laugh each and every time I look at it is the guy in the lower left.… Continue reading Well-Timed Team Photo

Soccer Ball to the Face in Slow Motion

You’ll be wanting to watch this over and over again. Because it’s like a train wreck! It’s a kid taking a soccer ball to the face in slow motion. His hands are going up. Will he block it this time? Nope! (these guys)

Here’s Steve Perry Lip Syncing His Own Song

Steve Perry, the former lead singer of Journey, is a big San Francisco Giants fan. He’s from San Francisco and turns up at their games from time to time, like the past two games they’ve played in the NLCS. And if you know anything about postseason baseball, it’s that teams LOVE to play Journey songs,… Continue reading Here’s Steve Perry Lip Syncing His Own Song

Party at Paul Rudd’s Mom’s House!

The Kansas City Royals booked their ticket to the World Series Wednesday evening. Actor Paul Rudd, who is from nearby Overland Park and a long-time Royals fan, was on hand for the ALCS-clinching win. Naturally, some local news hack wanted to interview him and Paul agreed. Toward the end of this compelling interview, local news… Continue reading Party at Paul Rudd’s Mom’s House!

Fat Dog

Insanely fat dog. What’s even better than fat dog here are some of the comments people are making about fat dog over at Deadspin, where this was first posted. This one in particular is the winner. that fat dog is also a stupid dog. it could conserve precious calories by relaxing its forelimps and sliding… Continue reading Fat Dog