Skydiver Delivering Game Ball Lands Outside Stadium

Penn State played Central Florida in a college football game in Dublin on Saturday. Because the American football-crazed city of Dublin is the obvious place to play a contest between universities from Pennsylvania and Florida… The game, I am told, was great. Penn State won it 26-24 on a field goal as time expired. What… Continue reading Skydiver Delivering Game Ball Lands Outside Stadium

ISIS Bucket Challenge

We like Eliza Bender and she has some new work called the ISIS Bucket Challenge. Yes, it combines the Iraqi terrorist organization ISIS with that stupid Ice Bucket Challenge. Hey, why don’t you shove your Ice Bucket Challenge up your a**! Enough already! Oh, sorry. This is about art. Satirical art. (more)

The Running of the Sheep

This reminds me of Flight of the Conchords. The premise is that Jorge has always wanted to run with the bulls. He’s found this small-town running of the sheep festival and decides to run with the sheep instead. Of course, people don’t actually run with the sheep. The sheep just run down a road in… Continue reading The Running of the Sheep

What’s Really Going on in Signs

If you’re ever seen a sign and thought something suspicious was going on there, then you were probably right. You just weren’t seeing the whole scene. Well, now you can.

Sochi is Already a Ghost Town

Remember when Sochi had those Olympic games not too long ago? Yeah, that was earlier this year. Not surprisingly, all of the infrastructure that was built for those games is now deserted and beginning to fall into disrepair. This pretty much happens with every Olympic city, with the exceptions being major cities that can find… Continue reading Sochi is Already a Ghost Town

Sarah Silverman Pulled Out Some Weed on the Red Carpet

The Emmys were Monday night. Sarah Silverman was there. I think she won something. If she was in Breaking Bad she definitely won something. She was also most likely stoned. Silverman was doing the red carpet thing and stopped for an interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic. After not knowing who made her clutch, Silverman let Rancic… Continue reading Sarah Silverman Pulled Out Some Weed on the Red Carpet